Best Faceted Navigation Examples

Faceted navigation, also known as faceted search or guided navigation, is a technique used in web development to enhance the search and filtering capabilities of a website or application. It allows users to refine and narrow down search results or browse through a large dataset by selecting multiple filters or facets.
Being a fairly complex way to filter and categorise data on a website, you can imagine that there are some big SEO implications involved with faceted navigation.

Why Faceted Navigation is important for SEO

Faceted navigation can have a significant impact on search engine optimization (SEO) and the visibility of a website. One of the biggest issues is that it could create duplicate content - this may need controlling through the use of noindex tags, canonical tags or the robots.txt file. 

If implemented badly it can also create index bloat - causing issues with crawling and indexing of content. It's important that you understand all of the SEO risks before implementing or changing the use of faceted navigation on a site. 

Best Faceted Navigation Site Examples

Faceted navigation is really popular on eCommerce sites. 
Some of our favourite examples of sites making use of faceted navigation that have strong implementations are listed below.
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Faceted Navigation site 2

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Faceted Navigation site 3

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