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The Village Cricket Co site is fairly well known within the SEO community, as it was a side project belonging to ecommerce SEO consultant Freddie Chatt and George, a friend of his. Freddie chose to build the website out using Wordpress and WooCommerce, utilising Elementor as the page builder, whilst making use of RankMath SEO to power their SEO as well as using Stripe as the payment processor.

Under the hood of the Village Cricket Co Wordpress site

CMS: Wordpress
Ecommerce: WooCommerce
Analytics: Google Analytics (GA4)
Page builder: Elementor
Plugins: RankMath SEO
Payment processor: Stripe
Affiliate program: Yes (via WooCommerce)

Current Organic Performance (as of 07/2023)

Estimated monthly organic traffic: 14.5k
Estimated organic keywords: 10.7k
Referring domains: 180
Backlinks: 482
Village cricket co organic traffic

Why we love the Village Cricket Co site

Freddie and George have created a great little side-business on top of their normal 9/5 jobs which is based on a clear passion for both of them - playing cricket! They saw an opportunity to provide high-quality cricket bats at affordable prices, allowing more people to get into playing the sport. 

What I love about the website is that Freddie has clearly put his experience into building it out - the site looks great and is very clean, and perfectly structured. Looking at their estimated organic performance from Ahrefs, they're ranking for some great cricket-related featured snippets which is a great way to bring relevant traffic to the site whilst building their own authority. 
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