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Call: 1-877-225-5821

Website Development

by Best in Class SEO, Inc.

We have an experienced team ready to work on your next WordPress Website Development project.

WordPress Website Development

We take a comprehensive approach to WordPress Website Development starting from coding and mark-up to web design and content management.  Our goal is to develop a WordPress Website that not only ranks high in search engines, but also delivers the best possible experience to your users.

We offer a wide range of services that supplementt your WordPress Website Development project including: search engine optimization, social media management, reputation management, and Google Places Optimization. 

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Our Website Design Services Include:

Page Optimization

  • Title Tag Optimization

Internal Site Audit

  • Internal Link Structuring

Content Marketing

  • Website Content Writing

Technical SEO

  • Content Optimization

Cross-platform and responsive web development

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Secured testing environment for your web project

We use complex content gathering tools that allow visualizing content in terms of site architecture, to which we’ll make changes within your team before it goes live. Also, you have access to a secured staging or testing environment of your site which is hosted on our servers during the process of your creation.