Call: 1-877-225-5821
Call: 1-877-225-5821

About This Service

Boost Metrix is fully owned and operated by: Best In Class SEO, Inc.  Boost Metrix is a lead generation product that companies use to expand online visibility and revenue.  The Boost Metrix product is primarily used by: franchises, retailers, financial service companies, political organizations, contractors, manufacturers, and professional service companies.  

How it works

Boost Metrix will create a Custom Marketing campaign specifically conceived for your brand and your audience.  You’ll get full access to our phone call tracking platform so that you can accurately track your ROI.  First, an account manager will upload your company logo and call tracking phone number to our custom marketing software.  Next, your dedicated account manager will track your campaign’s performance on a daily basis.  Any questions that you have about your campaign will be handled by your account manager.  Your account manager will monitor performance and adjust the campaign as needed.  Each account manager tracks: phone calls, inquiries, conversions, and submission forms.  

Case Studies

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